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Hailey Wilson, LMSW



 Let me start by saying, I love what I do. Quality of care and genuine empathy is important to me and those I help. I am here to help be your support, encouragement, and provide the guidance necessary to help you cultivate your own healing and wellness.

I practice as a trauma informed provider, yoga instructor, perinatal specialist, and conscious parenting coach. I enjoying holding space for individuals, couples, and families as well as facilitating small groups. I am educated and practiced on a

variety of modalities that I might offer up as additional help during our work together. Finding a supportive therapist to hold space for you without judgment in a firm yet empathetic way can be challenging but I am here to help, even if we do not find ourselves working together to help you progress I am happy to help support you with referrals to ideally help you find the ideal therapist for you.  I identify as a human first, psychotherapist second. I have a variety of certifications and trainings under my belt and use these as a way to shape each session for whatever it may call for. My personal experiences leads me to know that healing is not linear rather circular. For this reason I am honest with my offerings, I am not a quick fix therapist because as a human 'quick' fixes did not offer me lasting healing.  My degrees and certifications only get me so far. While they’re an important part of my overall style our bond and therapeutic relationship are what I value the most. I connect well with my clients and genuinely care.  My ethics and integrity are healthy, I always work from a ground of anti-oppression, and my work is highly effective and I continue to want to learn and grow in this field.  My passions boils down to wanting to help people, I thoroughly enjoy this part of my job. So whether you choose to work with me or someone else, please know that the bar can be this high, you can feel better, and I invite you to look for someone you click with.


I am a Supervisee in Social Work and a Licensed Master Social Worker in the state of Virginia.  I have previous experience in a variety of mental health settings including community mental health, non-profit work, and various hospital settings. I have also practiced as a neurodivergent behavioral therapist, parent coach, trauma informed yoga instructor, and lead various perinatal group classes before beginning my career at Guiding Insight, LLC.

Education & Licensure


  • MSW - University of Nevada, Las Vegas

  • Virginia LMSW License #:0903003636




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