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Couples Therapy

Why Couples Therapy?

Counseling that focuses on your relationship can help you:

  • Blend families

  • Improve sexual and emotional intimacy

  • Support each other through life changes

  • Grieve or heal from trauma

  • Restore trust

  • Communicate better

  • Make financial decisions

  • Work together as parents or caregivers

  • Reconnect with each other

  • Resolve conflict

  • Manage health, mental health, and substance use conditions

Who Is Couples Therapy For?

Therapy can be beneficial at every stage of your relationship.

If you are considering making a commitment to each other, couples therapy can provide a safe place to discuss your expectations and concerns.


Throughout the life of a relationship, couples benefit from therapy to support their growth.


Our therapists serve all couples.

We welcome LGBTQIA+ couples, interracial couples, and any other couples who may have experienced discrimination for who they love.


Our therapists have a wide range of experience and specializations. If you have a specific concern, please ask using our contact form.

Will Insurance Pay for Couples Therapy?

We accept Cigna and CareFirst BlueCross/BlueShield insurance plans. Check with your health insurance company to find out if they will reimburse you for out-of-network providers.

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