Individual Therapy

Why Therapy?

People seek therapy for a variety of reasons. Are you struggling with major changes that are impacting your daily life? Have you been wondering about your life purpose? Are you feeling unfulfilled? Do you wish to get unstuck in your life or career? Perhaps you do not know what is bothering you but your know that you need someone to talk to.

Therapy can be a space to develop a healthy healing relationship where you can feel comfortable exploring the past, make meaning of the present, and work towards building a hopeful future.

How Therapy Can Help

  • Increase awareness of who you are and what you want

  • Communicate your needs and create boundaries

  • Reduce the distressing symptoms so that you can cope with today's world in a healthier way

  • Offer insight to help you understand how your experiences and relationships have shaped you, which will help to improve the way that you relate to others

  • Explore identity, history and/or background, and understand how you've been impacted by systems of injustice and oppression

  • Verbalize feelings and experiences that previously felt hard to name

  • Prioritize the practice of self-care so that you can show up fully for yourself, loved ones and your community

  • Provide support during transitional periods in your life

Areas of Focus

  • We love clients who are going through life changes and trying to figure out their next steps.  Our passion is helping people find direction in their new phase of life:

  • ​Young adults living on their own for the first time

  • Retirees who aren't sure of their new life's purpose

  • The empty-nester not sure what to do now that the kids are gone.

  • Recently separated and unsure how to live life without a partner

  • Life Transitions