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Maryland Therapists

Providing virtual therapy via a telehealth platform


Wendy Bernard Pitts, LCSW-C

Wendy Pitts provides individual therapy to assist adults in all stages of life. She also provides clinical supervision to new therapists working towards earning their clinical licenses and case consultation to other clinicians. 

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Alexandra Wimberly, LMSW

Alexandra Wimberly provides individual and couples therapy to adults who seek support in transforming their day-to-day lived experience by building awareness of mind, body, and spirit.


Carie Woods, LMSW

Carie Woods provides individual and couples therapy to adults seeking guidance on developing new coping mechanisms when faced with uncertainty. She also will provide insight on how to improve relationships with others.


Kathleen Prest, LMSW

Kathleen Prest provides mental health services to adults who are seeking to overcome life’s temporary stressors, including those who want to discover healthier coping skills and those who may feel they have areas for growth.

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Mark Huffman, LMSW

Mark Huffman provides individual therapy for adults struggling with life transitions and for those who feel stuck. With a strengths-based approach, we will focus on where you’ve been, where you are, and where you want to go.

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Nicole Mattocks, LMSW

Nicole Mattocks offers individual therapy to adolescents and adults. Her work is grounded in a strengths-based approach.


Ashley Collins, LMSW

Ashley Collins provides individual, couples, and group therapy. She helps people adjust during difficult life transitions using a holistic approach. 

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Alyssa Goodman, LMSW

Alyssa Goodman provides therapy to individuals with an emphasis on perinatal and postpartum mental health.  She also works with parents in the early years of parenthood.


Lavanya Madhusudan, LMSW

Lavanya Madhusudan provides individual therapy to adults with a special emphasis on BIPOC, immigrant and South Asian populations, as well as individuals involved in changemaking and social justice work.


Meghan Meyer, LCSW-C

Meghan Meyer is a certified holistic therapist and certified trauma informed practitioner who specializes in holistic therapy-looking at not only the body and the mind, but the spirit as well. She addresses mental health through a holistic lens using evidence-based alternative methods to heal.


Arelie Robles

As a Licensed Social Worker, Arelie Robles offers personalized counseling services in English and Spanish, prioritizing your mental health journey. Together, with you, she will explore various therapeutic modalities to address challenges, uncover strengths, and cultivate a positive perspective on life.

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