Our Therapists

Wendy Bernard Pitts, LCSW-C

Wendy Pitts provides individual therapy to assist adults in all stages of life. She also provides clinical supervision to new therapists working towards earning their clinical license. 

Alexandra Wimberly, LMSW

Alexandra Wimberly provides individual therapy to adults who seek support in transforming their day-to-day lived experience by building awareness of both the mind and body.

Tarah Martin, LMSW

Tarah Martin provides individual therapy to those who are impacted by violence. She also provides support for military personnel and their families and assists veterans transitioning back into civilian life.

Carie Metzgar, LMSW

Carie Metzgar provides individual therapy to adults that are seeking guidance on developing new coping mechanisms when faced with uncertainty.  She also will provide insight on how to improve relationships with others.